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I love Rochester

Sometimes I get out of work and I wonder to myself “what to do in Rochester?” Sometimes it seems like finding events in Rochester NY, or just things to do in Rochester in general is difficult. When I’m feeling like, if nothing else, I’m just in need of a Rochester calendar listing of events, I search my Rochester on the internet.

There is a lot of great Rochester music out there. There are a plethora of bands, playing all different genres of music, who are out and about every night of the week. Some of the great local clubs serve to find these bands, but sometimes you will find that a band is playing at some odd location you are not familiar with. Searching my Rochester can help you find some of these out of the way places to catch a good show on some otherwise off night.

There are a lot of fun things to do in Rochester. There are the museums, the art galleries, the planetarium, and a host of other cultural activities to keep you busy for days. Check out the amazing collection of ancient Greek and Roman coins at the Art Gallery. It is stunning to say the least.

When it comes to my Rochester, one of the most important things to me is the food. It doesn’t matter if I am looking for a fine dining experience, or something quick on to go, or even regional food you can’t find anywhere else like the garbage plate or the white hot, you can get them all here in Rochester. A quick 10 minute drive down historic Monroe Avenue will put you in touch with around 20 eateries of all sorts. Everything from a hot dog specialized place, to a mostly vegan Greek place. For great food of any sort, Rochester NY.

My Rochester is a Rochester full of exciting things to do and great friends to do them with. Going to see bands, perusing cultural hotspots, grabbing some coffee, even biking along the Genesee trail offer a unique experience that simply cannot be had anywhere else. That is why my Rochester is the best Rochester there is.