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Quick Access to Miami News on the Channel 7 Website

When it comes to getting the latest information about news, traffic, entertainment, local events, and more, many turn to Miami Channel 7. Channel 7 in Miami first started broadcasting in 1956. You might not know it, but Miami 7 newscasts have been featured in at least two movies, and they were the Mean Season and Flight of the Navigator. You can also see it in the background of several episodes of Miami Vice.

How else can you access Channel 7 News Miami Fl? Channel 7 Miami can also be accessed through their easy to navigate website. They have a nice, prominent headline at the topic for breaking news for Miami. They also have a useful headline and image section that crosses the screen, offering the viewer multiple options for what to look up. At the very top are quick tabs to home, news, weather, video, special reports, sports, and the news team. Farther down on the viewing screen is a tab section where one can access top, local, national, world, and most popular news. Also useful is that on the right hand side of the site, there is an option to watch channel 7 Miami Fl live, which is a great option for people who do not have access otherwise to the channel.

The only thing that could really be improved about the online version of the Miami channel 7 site is their weather section. The weather tab does have superior graphics to other news sites, but do take a moment to load and so they might be less accessible to individuals with slower internet connections. Understanding the local weather conditions via examining the map is much less intuitive on this tab.

However, like many news sites, Miami Channel 7 features a small guide to current weather right on their main page, since this is a feature of the news many people appreciate and like easy access to. Though the tab seems under designed, the quick reference guide on the main page is easy to locate and gives quick information on local conditions. My only recommendation for this section of Miami channel 7 online would be to have a 3 day listing there, rather than only current conditions.


Helping the Veterans

Orlando social security lawyer

Do you know how much money Florida residents received from Social Security in 2010? Almost 50 billion USD. Almost as much money as is owned by the world’s richest man. Most Florida retirees receive somewhere in order of 1100 USD per month as of 2010 which works out to around 14,000 USD per year and there are expected to be 19 million people over 85 by 2050. This means that the demand for social security attorneys, whether they be for age or whether they be social security disability lawyers, will probably continue to increase.

Over the next 20 years, the number of people who will make it over age 65 will increase by 31 percent over what it was in the decade before that and we are already confronting problems with social security. Even with a robust retirement population, 300,000 Floridians already are living below the poverty line. Veterans lawyers and social security lawyers can help people who need to get back above the line. A social security disability attorney can go a long way toward providing people with the assistance that they need to ensure that their disabilities are covered.

A disability is defined as a condition which prevents someone from working for more than a year. And it is with these issues that a veterans lawyer can be so helpful. Many people with disabilities are veterans. But veterans lawyers are committed to ensuring that they receive full benefits. Veterans lawyers know many of the conditions that veterans face, and it is for this reason that veterans lawyers will probably continue to be valuable pillars of the community.


Cardinal Buses in Holland Michigan


Cardinal Buses

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Quality and dependable charter bus service from Indiana and Michigan to anywhere in the US or Canada.