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Understanding the Reasons for Hormone Imbalances, and Possible Solutions

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Did you know that both men and women can be affected by hormone imbalances? What are hormones, anyway? Hormones are chemical messengers made by the endocrine glands that are delivered to the organs and issues of the body. They work slowly and can affect multiple aspects of body processes. Only a small amount of hormones are required in order to have significant impact on bodily functions.

When people have hormone imbalances, New Leaf Wellness Clinics indicate that it can lead to a host of different problems. One example of a hormone imbalance left untreated is diabetes. Many problems, similar to diabetes, can be potentially life threatening if continually left untreated. It can also cause growth, weight, or appearance issues depending. There are about 6,000 disorders that can occur as the result of a hormone imbalance.

In women, likely causes of hormone imbalances are an elevated level of estrogen and lowered level of progesterone. Estrogen is produced in the ovaries, and is a hormone necessary for sexual development. New Leaf Wellness says that estrogen is only dominant during the follicle stage of the menstruation cycle. Both of these hormones decline as individuals age, and often, only estrogen is replaced, though a balance is important to maintain. Too much estrogen relative to progesterone can cause issues such as menstrual problems and abdominal weight gain.

New Leaf Wellness indicates that symptoms of hormone imbalance in both men and women include fatigue, diminished sex drive, lack of memory, acne, and mood swings. Some of the more serious disorders linked to low hormone levels include chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. Menopause and its symptoms of cold and hot flashes is an example of a naturally occurring imbalance, although steps can be taken to mitigate the effects.

Treatment is possible, and there are both risks and benefits to hormone replacement therapy. Natural hormone replacement, as opposed to synthetics, is often recommended. New Leaf Wellness is one example of a Minneapolis MN office offering natural hormone therapy. See this link for more references. Visit here for more.


Channels in Miami

Television in Miami is similar to television anywhere else. There are a number of channels people watch, and a number of different programs to watch on those channels. How many channels you have is dependent on what kind of cable coverage you have on your television.

Channel 7 in Miami is one of the basic channels everyone gets. You can watch the news, get weather, or see other programming when the news is not on. Channel 7 Miami Florida is one of the most watched basic cable television networks in Miami. In Miami channel 7 is the way to go.

Channel 7 News Miami Florida has one of the best news coverages of all basic news outlets. They do both local and world news, and keep you up to date on everything you need to know. As Miami is such an interesting city, in Miami channel 7 is the channel to watch to make sure you catch all that interesting information.

There are so many things to do in Miami that one hardly thinks of watching television as a way to pass time. Surely if you are a tourist you will not be spending too much time watching television, but for those people that live in Miami, get your news with channel 7.

Miami Florida is a hub of the United States. They have good sports teams as well as good weather and good attractions. Those sports teams are sometimes covered by channel 7 in Miami. The other channels are good as well and cover good news and other programming, but in Miami channel 7 is the channel to watch, regardless of the level of cable you have.