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Digging for Deals Has Gone Digital

Though the popular method of distributing and receiving daily coupon deals has transitioned away from print publications to websites, the value of using Rochester NY coupons for your area purchases has not diminished at all.

Because more and more people use the internet as a resource to find things to do in Rochester NY, it is natural that online coupon deals would be the best way to find places in Rochester that are reaching out to prospective customers. From Rochester restaurants to the Rochester NY public market and everything in between, local businesses are increasingly using coupon deal sites to get the word out about their products and services.

These local coupon deals can offer substantial savings on your purchases, whether they pertain to special events in Rochester NY or they simply involve your favorite local haunt. Websites that feature Rochester NY coupons are regularly updated and are able to keep you informed about special promotions at all the local businesses you


Shop at Your Local Health Food Store to Support Your Health, Your Environment and Your Local Economy

Sunrider products

I love shopping at the new health food store down the street from my house. I used to have to buy all my alkaline drinks, sunbreeze oil and sunrider products at healthy food stores online.

There are plenty of selfish reasons that I love shopping at the new health food store, such as convenience, but there are also some more selfless reasons to shop there, as well. The most important of which (in my book at least) is that it supports my local economy. Sure I have to pay a bit more, but when you support local business you keep money in the community, you help create more local jobs, and help keep prices competitive.

Shopping at my local health food store is also good for the e