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Emerald Ash Borer Beetles Will Ruin Your Ash Trees

Emerald ash borer map

Emerald ash borer beetles are native to Asia and Russia. It is presumed that they arrived to the United States on wood packing materials carried in cargo ships or cargo airplanes coming from Asia.

Emerald ash borer beetles are highly destructive to ash trees. Emerald ash borers will infest and kill ash trees such as green ash trees, white ash trees, black ash trees, and blue ash trees. Emerald ash borer beetles have killed tens of millions of ash trees throughout North America.

An emerald ash borer map will show you where emerald ash beetles originate from and where they are infested the most. Emerald ash borer control and emerald Continue Reading | No Comments


Preschool is Expensive but Worth Every Penny!

Corporate childcare

A landmark research study was done several years back showing that after controlling for all other variables, children who went to preschool were far more likely to attend a four year college, and far less likely to be in trouble with the law. A good preschool program provides children with the bedrock social skills they will need to make it through the rest of their lives as responsible, well integrated citizens within their communities. However, many parents are stumped by how to find a good daycare center with an appropriate preschool curriculum.

Many studies have shown the importance of preschool for small children, but it can still be hard to figure out how to find a good daycare and what criteria to be on the look out for when choosing childcare for your son or daughter. For one thing, day care is