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Before Adopting Kittens, Know Your Facts

Vets in baltimore

When Joshua Schuman went off to college for the first time, the last thing he thought he would do in his first semester was get a pet. “I was living in the dorms,” he said, “and it never really occurred to me.” After a few weeks at Towson University, a school located just outside of Baltimore, Schuman and his roommate decided on a whim to get a kitten. “Everyone on the floor seemed to have an illegal pet,” he laughed. “Even our RA had an illegal gerbil.” He quickly located a pet store, and within a week, their dorm room became home to a third roommate, a ten week old calico kitten. “It was a blast at first,” he said. “Then it got sick, and I had no idea what to do. I had no experience with feline health care, and I didn’t know of any vets in Baltimore.”

Schuman is far from alone. Too many people ad