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Boosting Your Business with SEO

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Running a business is no easy task. You have to keep track of inventories, employees, and customer service on top of a mountain of other responsibilities. This can make it easy to overlook one of the most vital aspects of keeping your doors open: marketing.

Traditional marketing techniques, such as cold calling or sending out flyers, do not have the impact they had 15 years ago. These days, people find what they need through search engines. More often than not, they never bother to look past the first page of their results, so this is the place to be in order to reach them. One solution that may come to mind is to buy a spot in the sponsored results. While this technically puts you on the front page, the majority of the people that will see it will ignore it in favor of organic links.

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Buttercream Cupcake Cafe in Chesapeake Virginia


Buttercream Cupcake Cafe


Chesapeake, Virginia 23320


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Cupcake and cake bakery specializing in unique flavors and events. Buttercream Cupcake Café delivers delicious, moist cupcakes to your party, wedding, or corporate office. We can provide mini cupcakes by special order or schedule your wedding cupcake tasting by appointment.
Our unique cupcakes include Banana Pudding, Sweet Potato, Elvis (banana/peanut butter), and seasonal flavors.