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The Best Coolio Albums for Fans of 90s Hip-hop

Coolio albums

Rap and hip hop of all eras typically possess a common influence. However, in the rap and hip hop scene of today, it is pretty hard to hear the same influence that was evident in the rap scene of the 1990s. Coolio rapper was a very popular artist in the 90s, and for many, listening to Coolio albums today provides a sort of nostalgic experience for rap lovers who grew up in the 90s.

The Coolio wiki reflects a lengthy discography of Coolio albums that some rap fans may have never listened to before. “Gangstas Paradise” is by far the most popular album created by Coolio. In the united states, the album received 2x platinum awards upon its release in November of 1995. But the album prior to “Gangstas Paradise,” titled “It Takes a Thief” also re