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When It Comes To Radio Shows, the Only One To Listen to Is Car Talk

Car show radio

Do you listen to any auto radio? No, I’m not talking about the radio inside of the auto. I’m talking about radio shows dedicated to autos. You may not have known that any existed, even. That’s not exactly surprising, as there aren’t that many automotive radio shows out there for you to be aware of. But, the most important one that is out there is the only one that you should be listening to. And it’s called Car Talk.

  • Who Hosts Car Talk Radio?
  • The show is hosted by Click and Clack, or better known as Ray and Tom, the Magliozzi brothers. They’re based out of Boston, and have a car garage in the area as well. Tom is 76, Ray is 64. Between the two of them, they have degrees from MIT, Northeaste


90s Hip Hop at its Best

Coolio movie

If you are a hip hop and rap aficionado, you might remember the glory days of LL Cool J, Nas, and female rappers like Foxy Brown or Eve. You could argue that those musicians paved the way for the 50 Cents of today. One of the most influential rap artists of the 90s was Coolio. He solo debut album first came out in 1994, but the song, Gangster’s Paradise, rocketed him to fame in the following year. Everyone remembers the Michele Pfeiffer movie, Dangerous Minds, about the teacher who struggled to connect with inner city students, but the song is what most people recall. The single won him a Grammy for Best Rap Solo Performance in 1995 and the song became one of the most successful rap songs of all time.

Other notable Coolio songs from the 90s include, Movin’ On Up, Fantastic Voyage, and Sumpin’ New (otherwise know