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How Valuable is a Good Set of Teeth?

Types of dental implants

Did you know that the average American kid smiles around 400 times per day? If only we could harness the free, carefree spirit of children, and add to it the wisdom that usually comes with age. If there is any advantage that children have over adults — aside from their youth, of course — it’s their ability to go about their daily activities without the self-consciousness that can hinder the daily lives of many adults.

Most people are self-conscious to a degree, and that is healthy from the perspective that constructive self-critique can lead to self-improvement. Sometimes, though, being aware of physical imperfections, such as less than perfect teeth, can negatively impact individuals’ social and professional lives. Although we are all guilty of judging others by their appearance, most of us are


Urgent Medical Center in Plantation Florida


Urgent Medical Center

6931 W. Broward Blvd.

Plantation, Florida 33317


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An Urgent Care facility attending to Adults and Pediatrics. Digital X-Rays; Physical Exams for Immigration, school, DOT, work, travel; Vaccinations; Wound care; Lacerations; Injuries; Casting; Labs