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Four Facts to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Employee Health Plans

Employee benefit consultants

One of the best ways to ensure an employee sticks with your company is to provide a great way for them to make a living, as well as making a life. This isn’t just salary requirements we’re talking about here; in fact, there are plenty of things that money can’t buy in life, and good health is one of them. Of course, good health coverage is always a good place to start. Businesses, no matter their size, that end up being good employee benefits providers tend to have a stable employee base to help them along. That’s why…

Nearly half of all Canadian businesses worry about employee coverage.

Think about what it requires for a small business to offer top benefits to its workers. When a startup company is still working out its own phone lines, its internet connection, its


Private Child Care Programs Are Within Your Reach!

Private vs public schools

During the first five years of life, the human brain is at its highest level of neuroplasticity, meaning that it’s continuously reorganizing itself during this period by creating new neural connections. Early childhood is the time of life when people are most able to absorb and retain new information. This is why it is imperative that parents know how to choose private child care facilities that offer educational day care activities capable of maximizing this important cognitive phase. The level of care a child receives during her formative years has a major impact on the rest of her life.

Finding a daycare that is best for your child’s development is no easy