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Camelot Homes in Scottsdale AZ


Camelot Homes

6607 N. Scottsdale

Scottsdale, AZ 85250

(480) 367-4300

Local Business Picture

Camelot Reserve is Grand and now open! Our beautifully decorated new model home is now open for viewing. This hidden gem of a neighborhood is located close to downtown Scottsdale and next to the Arizona Canal. Camelot Reserve is a charming gated community of just 20 lots. Come see why we have sold over half of these homes before our model was complete. There is no where else in downtown Scottsdale where you can purchase brand new single family homes on spacious lots within walking distance to all of the amenities of this vibrant city. But hurry, this opportunity won’t last!! Contact Hilal at 480-735-4652 for more information and check out our community page!


Are Adult Braces Right For You?

Affordable orthodontics

Nearly 100 percent of Americans surveyed feel that a nice smile is an important asset in social situations. A straight, beautiful smile in an invitation for interpersonal connection. However, when teeth are crooked, shame over ones appearance can make smiling an painful exercise, as those working in dental offices are well aware.

If your problems stem from crooked teeth, then a set of braces for adults may be just the thing you need. Orthodontists working in dental offices all over America use braces to correct crooked teeth as well as underbites, overbites, malocclusions, open bites, cross bites, deep bites, and other jaw and teeth related abnormalities. Getting braces at any number of reputable dental offices can protect you


Finding a New Vet Starts With Using a Search Engine

Best veterinary websites

When you move to a new town, how do you find a vet? You probably don’t know anyone, and so you can’t just go around asking for recommendations. You could take a drive and see what’s available locally, but that would be a waste of gas, and likely a waste of time. Unfortunately, you might miss some great veterinarians that way. As with most services and products these days, the best way to find what you need may be to start online. Here is how to choose a vet based on what you can find on the internet.

Look at the veterinarian website closely.

You will want to find a veterinarian that’s close by, so you can start by searching for


Do You Vacuum Enough?

Best robotic vacuum cleaner

The worlds first vacuum cleaner operated thanks to a handcrank, but todays irobot roomba 580 is completely hands free when it comes to cleaning. It is estimated that a full 98 percent of all U.S. households have a vacuum cleaner. In fact, the Carpet and Rug Institute shows that vacuum cleaners have the largest sales totals of all appliances in the U.S. We can thank the new technologies, like robotic vacuums that allow you to clean your floors and carpets even when you are not home. Just by keeping them properly charged, they can navigate throughout your home to clean up automatically.

Getting one of the best robotic vacuums brings total efficiency by automating your cleaning regimen, but selecting the appropriate features should take top priority. While the technology is ever evolving, doing some


Baby-Proofing Your Electronics

Plastic plugs

Is your living room baby-proof? The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) reveals that shocks and electrical burns send at least seven children to the emergency room per day. Keeping infants and toddlers out of trouble depends on securing electrical wiring safely out of the way. What simple tools can products can help protect your loved ones?

Desk Grommets, Cable Ties, and Power Strip Covers

Babies will grab anything they can get their hands on. Wire management, or securing and containing wires, goes a long way to keep children safe. For example, furniture and desk grommets fit into desktops and tabletops to direct wiring aw


Do You Love Camo Clothing? Here are a Few Facts You Should Know

Camo bed sheets

Though you might be more familiar with camo clothing for men and camo clothing for women in the form of uniforms for the armed services, these days you can find anything from the more traditional camo hunting clothes to the more surprising camo wedding gowns. Here are a few interesting facts that everyone who loves the style should know about the history of the patterns to the progression into the mainstream fashion scene.

A lot of people love to wear camo clothing in their day to day lives, but camouflage is also a huge asset in the animal kingdom. For instance, the flat tail horned lizard can