Are You Sure You’re Ready to Buy Your First Home?

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Home buying tips

New home buyers are usually hyper eager to get into the real estate market, but it’s always best to take a couple steps back and really evaluate whether or not you’re ready to try purchasing a new home. To help you decide, here are a few first time home buying tips!

1. The Big Picture.

First time home buyers interested in modern homes for sale have got to look at the big picture. Although these modern homes for sale are great ways to accrue wealth, maintaing them can be time consuming, expensive, and labor intensive. There’s no landlord to turn to when pipes burst, when appliances go on the fritz, or when the roof leaks. All of these costs can drain a person’s bank account. So when a home is purchased, the new owner has got to be ready for these fees.

2. Closing Costs.

Some first timers may be unaware of the closings costs of modern homes for sales. These can include prepaid items such as insurance, taxes, settlement fees, title, and origination fees charged by the lender. These fees can really drive up the price of a home, which means homeowners should go in expecting to perhaps pay a bit more than originally planned.

3. Total Monthly Housing Costs.

First time home buyers need to find out what the the total monthly housing costs of modern homes for sale, which includes taxes, and homeowners insurance. In some areas, taxes and insurance escrow can nearly double a mortgage payment. Average yearly premium vary greatly from area, to area. For example, according to the Insurance Information Institute, the average yearly premium can range anywhere from Utah’s $477 to Texas’s $1,372.

These are just a few of the considerations to make when looking at modern homes for sale. If ready for each, then perhaps it is time to buy a house. If you have any questions about unexpected costs of modern homes for sale, feel free to ask in the comments. References.

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