At What Point Should the Oil in My Car get Changed? Three Facts

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Did you know that, before the modern plastic motor oil bottle that arrived in the 1980′s, motor came in cans or glass bottles? Getting your oil changed is an important part of taking care of your car. Oil helps lubricate car parts, and protect against friction. When parts are preserved and friction is decreased, less fuel is used, increasing the average MPG a vehicle experiences. Not surprisingly, there are many questions people frequently have. Here are three motor oil facts and answers to help you out.

1. What’s the Standard for When to Change Motor Oil?

You might have heard the old standard of every 3,000 miles. This was typical years ago when oil degraded more quickly. Since many drivers were around, the rumor persists. Today, however, most manufacturers recommend an oil change twice a year, or every 7,500 miles. Once your car gets older, though, it might become necessary to change it every 4,000 to 5,000 miles.

2. Will Anything Bad Happen if I Wait to Change It?

Possibly. The most likely result is that you will simply get worse mileage on your car for a while, because it’s not going to be as efficient at using up fuel. The longer oil is not changed, the more it turns to sludge. Eventually, the lack of oil will cause the surfaces to weld together and your engine will begin to seize. Dirt accumulating in the oil over time will cause additional wear to your car parts. If you really hate bringing it in, think about investing in alternative motor oil types. Some synthetic brands can run for as long as 25,000 miles.

3. Can Motor Oil be Recycled?

Yes. In fact, about 50% of oil in Europe is re-refined, rather than new. Motor oil just gets dirty over time, but can be reusable after getting cleaned up. Only 10 to 15% of cars in the U.S. use re-refined oil, even though it’s better for the environment, works the same, and is often a bit cheaper. Your best bet is to get an oil change, and ask at that point what options they have for non-standard motor oil. No matter what, you want oil that meets motor oil standards, as determined by API. Their donut shaped seal indicates that motor oil standards are met and also shows viscosity grade and performance parameters.

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