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For locals and visitors alike, channel 7 Miami offers great coverage of news, weather and local events. If you are wondering when relief from the latest heat wave will come or are watching for the latest on tropical storms, channel 7 in Miami will keep you up to date. Locals can get channel 7 Miami Fl content by watching broadcasts on TV, viewing clips online or find news content delivered to mobile devices with social media and rss feeds. Channel 7 news in Miami is your source for all the national and local news coverage you could want.

Broadcasts on channel 7 Miami cover topics including: celebrities, sports, entertainment, business, health, travel, politics and crime. Checking the event calendar on the channel 7 news Miami Fl website can give you great ideas if you are looking for something to do this weekend. Coverage of sports events, theatre, concerts and festivals offered by channel 7 Miami will offer you a great range of things to do. With Miamis vibrant and diverse culture there are always things going on in the Miami Fort Lauderdale area and Miami channel 7 offers coverage on many of these events.

News broadcasts on channel 7 Miami cover a wide range of topics. If you want to catch up on what is happening in the city, channel 7 news has you covered. Miami channel 7 offers headline and breaking news on both local and national concerns. The sports coverage on channel 7 is unparalleled, you can tune in for scores and recaps of area amateur and professional sports.

Weather and traffic reporting on channel 7 Miami are important parts of commuters and visitors schedules. Traffic coverage allows drivers ways of planning alternate routes to avoid traffic jams, accidents and construction congestion. Weather and beach reporting are important to vacationers and visitors to the Miami area. Surf reports and UV indexes can help travelers plan their days.

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