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Few people realize this but nursing homes are not only for elderly people, but they are intended to help anyone who needs around-the-clock care. This is the reason why the phrase “nursing home” is a more accurate appellation for skilled care nursing facilities than the slang phrase “old folks home.”

Although “nursing home” sounds more politically correct than “old folks home,” both terms are antiquated colloquialisms for “skilled nursing facility.” Honestly, though, it really does not matter what you call them when speaking among your family and friends as long as you know what they are for and whom they serve.

Now that we have a general idea who skilled nursing facilities serve, what exactly do they do for their residents. Well, for one thing there are residential skilled nursing facilities and skilled nursing in home care. Skilled nursing in home care is sometimes the ideal solution for individuals who need the help of a certified nurse or nurse’s assistant, but has the desire and capability to get by in their own homes.

While skilled nursing in home care allows individuals to retain a higher level of independence, any good skilled nursing care facility staff aims to treat their residents with the highest level of respect that they deserve. As such, a top skilled nursing care facility goes to great lengths to preserve the dignity of their residents, because they know how important that it to every human being, regardless of age and ability.

For those who are interested in knowing how to choose a nursing home, they need to know the difference between a nursing home and skilled nursing facility. Since a nursing home is slang for any home for elderly individuals, you never know what to expect unless you are certain that it qualifies as a skilled nursing home.

Basically, a good skilled nursing home provides its residents with the same level of care as in home skilled nursing care, which means that it is high quality care that is closely monitored. This is something that is not always available in just any old “nursing home.”
Therefore, if you or your loved one really needs the best 24-hour senior care, make sure that you choose an bona fide skilled nursing facility.

Plus, A top skilled nursing facility will offer more than senior care. Among the services often available are physical therapy, gin and Michigan rummy, darts, pool, and lots of gossip and talk about the weather.
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