Finding the Best Water Saving Toilet

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Bathroom safety for seniors.

Residential toilets, before the 1950s, would use up to 7 gallons or more each time they were flushed. Their efficiency increased somewhat during the 1960s, requiring only about 5.5 gallons per flush, and later to about 3.5 gallons in the 1980s. Due to the technology advances and fluid dynamics of current toilets, U.S. toilets now use less than 1.6 gallons of water each time they are flushed. By replacing outdated fixtures with water saving toilets, your household can save significant gallons of water each year without affecting your day to day routines.

Finding new and efficient toilets does not have to be difficult, in fact most modern toilets make a perfect replacement for your aged fixtures. With some simple research you can find the highest rated toilets for your bathroom. Whether your tastes are for more stylish, contemporary designs or pure functionality, there are various consumer review sites where you can research the different features and designs of new toilets. You can use feedback from previous customers to help determine which toilet you should use to update your bathroom.

As you begin to find toilets that fit your upgrade criteria for your home, you may want to talk to local plumbers about installation, scheduling, and fees. Again, this may be another instance where you should perform some preliminary research, by looking at different plumbing services before getting quotes. You can talk to friends and colleagues for recommendations or use online reviews to find highly rated plumbers in your area. While some plumbers may be able to provide quotes for installation of new water saving toilets over the phone, it may be more efficient to schedule an in person visit, to insure that there are not any surprises with the installation.

By doing a little bit of initial research, you can easily find the best replacement toilet for your home, and find an expert to complete the installation for you. Not only will the update save you significant water usage, but an updated design can provide quieter and quicker operation for years to come. To see more, read this.

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