How Television Listens to Viewers in Southern Florida

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Sometimes the best thing a local television station can do is demonstrate to viewers that they are being listened to.

A case in example is channel 7 Miami FL, where the listing of special reports and interactive beats from a number of reporters indicate that Miami channel 7 hears what viewers are interested in, mad about, frustrated with or just cannot understand.

Channel 7 Miami FL reporter Carmel Carfiero is an investigative specialist who digs deeper for the interesting local stories with her own special beat, Carmel on the Case. She and Patrick Fraser also form the 7 News Investigation team, looking at local issues that require long term study and exploration. Carmen ranges wide in her development of a story: she went to Italy to interview the captain of the cruise ship Costa Concordia and hear his side of the shipwreck disaster.

Fraser takes on issues big and small for channel 7 Miami FL. He also works with Howard Finkelstein in the Help Me Howard special reports where Channel 7 news Miami unravels a legal problem one viewer has that others might also be experiencing…like getting a car title. And Fraser has a soft spot for cold case crimes. His Out for Justice series keeps old cases warm on the front burner, hoping for breakthroughs.

Belkys Nerey is a Channel 7 Miami fl reporter who covers food and fashion in south Florida in her two special report segments, Bite with Belkys and Style File. She takes channel 7 in Miami viewers right into some of the most interesting restaurants in south Florida, bellies up to the kitchen with the chef, and watches mouth watering dishes get prepared with on screen help. Her Style File not only tells channel 7 news Miami FL viewers what people are wearing, but highlights interesting places to have a meal or visit.

Lynn Martinez is the Parent to Parent reporter who brings channel 7 Miami FL attention to issues many parents worry about or are concerned with. Psychologist Dr. Valerie Goode is on hand to give parents perspective on handing issues from infancy to adolescence.

Channel 7 Miami FL reporters Diana Diaz, Alexis Rivera and Christine Cruz produce the Medical Reports special segments, covering cancer treatments, dentistry and exercise, among other important topics.

Reporter Craig Stevens pulls out his smartphone for channel 7 Miami FL viewers and in his Appsolute Must segments, reviews the latest apps for travel, learning, working out, educational kids game and gardening, plus many other topics.

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