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Experts project that eCommerce will grow two percent between now and 2016. That is 2% of billions of dollars. If you are in the business of online marketing, then hearing the term search engine optimization is now so common as, “would you like fries with that.” The conversation of online marketing plans typically falls to what demographics can be reached using which platforms. Then, someone wants to know, are we optimizing for search engine rankings.

If your reply is no, then you may want to reconsider. Search engine optimization can positively affect just about every aspect of your online marketing strategy.

In order to understand why search engine optimization works, and what resellers like white label SEO services do, here is an overview of the basics. Search engine optimization uses search engine rankings to push products and services to the forefront. In 2012, an estimated 88.1% of internet users, age 14 or older, used search engines to research or browse for products.

The basis of SEO is in building connections. Some of the strongest aspects of online marketing have to do with interactivity with consumers. By developing content that users can relate with and look to with answers SEO opens the door for increased interaction. Once that door is open businesses need to do two of two things. The next step to take with your SEO content is to get it to social media. Ninety four percent of companies track their numbers of followers, yet only 30% respond to their social media fans’ or followers’ feedback. Businesses can easily expand their influence by being more attentive to the consumers they have. Social media provide the largest exclusive clubs on the internet. White label SEO can resell social media content that will be shared by users. When social media users share content that has answered their questions or otherwise caught their attention, that sharing process expands the network base of consumers online.

Webdesign is still the linchpin of a strong internet marketing strategy. SEO may can provide a close rate over eight times greater than traditional marketing strategies. However, consumers still need somewhere to land once they have clicked. A successful web design is aesthetically pleasing, is easy to navigate and can draw an audience in to continue clicking through the website. One of the most affective ways to enhance the success of SEO content is to resell web design.

White label SEO is the industry name for SEO resellers. These White label SEO resellers help businesses generate content for a number of different mediums. SEO is no longer just for product articles. While the content is still information driven that information is being conveyed in many different ways. Now white label SEO resellers are using social media, email newsletters, comics strip and videos to get the message out. White label SEO services can get on board with your marketing strategy and act as an extended marketing team. As your extended marketing team, SEO resellers can amplify your content and earn your business more consumers.

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