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If you are looking for things to do in Rochester, keep in mind that there are numerous Rochester New York events. For example, in the summer, Rochester is home to numerous festivals. The Lilac Festival, one of the more popular Rochester new york events, draws hundreds of thousands of visitors every year and showcases Rochester’s beautiful Lilacs. The Jazz Festival, held annually every summer, is a great Rochester music event, held in the East End and featuring renowned Jazz musicians. There are also a variety of street festivals held in the summer, including the Park Avenue festival and the Corn Hill Arts Festival. These festivals feature crafts, food vendors, and often live music. Rochester has a fairly sizable Puerto Rican population and The Puerto Rican Festival, a celebration of Puerto Rican heritage, also occurs every summer and is a great opportunity to taste Puerto Rican food. If you are interested in ethnic festivals, you might also check out the Rochester Greek Festival and the Rochester Irish Festival.

Of course, Rochester, as the home of Kodak, has been an important center for photograph and film. There are also numerous film Rochester New York events held every year. For example, the Rochester International Film Festival is the world’s oldest continuously held short film festival, while the 360 365 Film Festival (formerly known as the Rochester High Falls International Film Festival) is held annually at the George Eastman House’s Dryden Theatre and the Little Theatre downtown. These film festival are great Rochester events.

If you’re looking for more Rochester things to do, Rochester is also great for museums. If you are into art, you might check out the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery. For science buffs, there is always the Rochester Museum of Science and if you have children you might want to check out the Strong National Museum of Play. Of course, Rochester also features a plethora of historical sites. For example, you might check out the Susan B. Anthony House or the Eastman Kodak House. Overall, Rochester is a vibrant and fascinating city; there are numerous Rochester New York events and activities to be enjoyed year round. There are numerous events Rochester NY and many things to do Rochester.

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