Server Racks Can Save Your Server Room From a Fire Hazard

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Finding the right portable server racks for your building is more important than you might think. In any given server room, there are a number of factors that could influence the efficiency of your servers. Climate control is crucial with the output of energy that multiple servers can generate, and this affects the efficacy of your servers, as well as the environment. Large data centers that are full of servers can sometimes use as much electricity as a small town, and emit diesel exhaust that causes significant air pollution.

The importance of a portable server rack lies in its ability to allow the necessary airflow between servers, along with its practicality. Server rack sizes vary from smaller 12 inch racks, to 19 inch server racks, and 24U racks, or even a 42U server rack. Larger ones can hold several servers on server rack shelves, and help many computers connect to different networks. These shelves are usually made with an open configuration so that the air can flow around and between the servers, and the panels on these units are usually perforated for the same reason.

The heat generated from a large number of servers can be a serious fire hazard, making this airflow essential. In the past, Halon gas was used to fireproof computer rooms, but now server rooms and computer rooms use a combination of Nitrogen, Argon, and CO2 because Halon gas has proven dangerous to human health, and harmful to the ozone. These gases, along with optimum airflow, are what keep server rooms safe and functioning productively.

If you are looking for the right server racks for your server room, there are a few things you should consider. Depending on how many servers you want to connect, you will want to buy one that is the right size. Generally speaking, server racks can be made to fit in small spaces, so you do not necessarily have to spring for a smaller 19U rack server. You can try to find one that holds more servers that can also squeeze into a small space, if needed. Also, portable server racks are great because they can be moved from one place to another if you need to relocate your servers. Additionally, you will want to look at security features for your server rack configuration. Once your servers are connected to networks on a server rack, you need to monitor who has access to them. Some server rack manufacturers offer a rack security system that let you see who is accessing the servers, and when. They also offer environmental monitoring for you to watch the temperature within the server rack.

With the right server racks, you will be able to securely manage any and all networks in your building, and minimize their effect on the environment. Regardless of which one you buy, be sure to monitor it carefully to maximize the efficiency of your servers.

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