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According to a Gallup poll released in July 2013, most Americans get their news from the television. While newspapers, and the radio are popular options, 55% say the TV is their main source for news about the United States and from around the world. While there are several factors that contribute to the trend, the fact that there are so many programs and channels available to cover every topic certainly contributes. Everybody is unique, and will have different wants when it comes to the news, but for many in Florida, Channel 7 in Miami is a great option. It offers lots of coverage on all the most important stories in the area.

Right now, by checking out Channel 7 Miami FL residents could read about both tragic and heartwarming stories. For instance, a Plantation home had to be exterminated after a bee attack resulted in the death of a dog, and a man was arrested yesterday after a deadly hit and run accident in Miami. But on the positive, the Coast Guard was able to save two people after their boat capsized in Key West, and an Oakland Park soldier surprised his kids when he returned home. These kinds of stories help area residents keep in touch with their community and make Miami Channel 7 a great option.

Though emotional stories are always going to be an important part of the news, that is not all that Channel 7 in Miami has to offer. Like every good news station, it also provides details on world events, up to the minute weather updates, and the latest sports news. Right now is a great time to be a sports fan, especially in Miami. The Dolphins are undefeated, the Hurricanes football team is ranked nationally, and the Heat are gearing up to defend their championship. Die hard fans of the area’s sports teams should turn to Channel 7 News in Miami to get all the updates they need on their favorite teams and players.

Many people are able to find time in the morning before work or in the evening after a long day in the office to turn to Channel 7 in Miami. However, busy schedules often mean that people need alternatives when they can’t catch their favorite shows every day. The Gallup poll also found that more than 20% of Americans use the internet to get the majority of their news, which means it is a great alternative. Using the web allows people to get updates right from their desk at work or while on the go if they have a smartphone and tablet. Plus, it lets them get real time updates as they happen, helping to change the landscape of news media as a whole.

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