The Advantages of Japanese Divider Screens

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Japanese style sliding doors

Are you a homeowner who wants to update, or even radically change, the look of your home? If so, are you having trouble thinking about a way to create a look that is a significant departure from your current decor? If you are into a more exotic look, Japanese screen dividers might be the ideal solution for getting out of a decorating rut.

Shoji screens are one of the more popular types of Japanese divider screens. If you have seen Karate Kid or either of the Kill Bill films, you have seen shoji screens and doors. In fact, you would be hard pressed to see any kind of Japanese movie in which Japanese room dividers do not appear.

Japanese divider screens are so distinctive that placing them on any movie set completely changes the look of the surrounding. As such, adding shoji screens to you home will have a similar effect, and create an ambiance that few Americans ever experience. Considering the attractiveness of shoji screens, it is perplexing as to how few Americans have yet to discover everything they can add to their homes.

Obviously, many Americans have not yet caught on to shoji screen dividers and doors, but that is their loss and your gain. This is because you can be the first member of your reference group to install shoji screens, and set a style trend in your cookie cutter suburban neighborhood. An extra bonus is the sophistication and worldliness that you will most certainly project on to your most unassuming visitors. So what are you doing just sitting there? Get up and start a trend today!

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