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Channel 7 news Miami FL has been in operation for over 50 years. Although it is Fox channel 7 in Miami now, they started as an NBC affiliate on Miami channel 7. In 1962, channel 7 news Miami FL lost its FCC, Federal Communications Commission, license for unfair business practices. This caused a sale in channel 7 Miami FL to new owners.

On January 1, 1989 the current channel 7 Miami became a Fox affiliate. Based on the amount of Fox programming available at the time and the stations previous history, they focused on their news department. Channel 7 Miami became an ever bigger resource for local news in the area. Like many stations recently, they have suffered self imposed blackouts based on channel carriage negotiations. Channel 7 news Miami FL was pulled from Directv for most of January in 2012.

In June of 2009, they completed their transition as a fully digital station while remaining on channel 7. As a newscaster, they air over 60 hours of news programming each week with ten and a half hours on weekdays, six on Saturday and three on Sunday. That puts channel 7 news Miami FL to the top of all nationwide local television channels in terms of news output and production. Channel 7 news Miami FL also held the title of highest rated local English language network for the area for nearly two decades. It has been suggested that comes from its sensationalist perspective on local crime news, although that is up for debate.

Channel 7 news Miami FL has taken cues from CNN and started the trend for local stations to use the large central, open newsroom as the central part of the set. Other stations around the world have begun to integrate their newsroom and studio into a central larger set like channel 7 news Miami FL.

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