Three Crazy Scenarios That Resulted in Worker’s Comp

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What happens if i get hurt at work

Getting hurt at work can be a real pain — both figuratively and literally — and it can be tough to overcome an injury that impacts your ability to get a job done. There are certain dangers and risks in every work environment, and though injuries are generally associated with more blue-collar job sites, they can happen anywhere. When they do occur, hiring a reliable workers compensation attorney is always a smart decision. Skilled and experienced workers comp lawyers have the ability to get you the best possible result. In fact, some are able to get you compensation in even the silliest scenarios.

Vending Machine Hip Check

Clinton Dwyer, an employee of Circuit City, broke his hip while trying to bang on a vending machine to get a bag of chips to fall free. The company originally turned down his claim, but an arbitrator ruled in his favor because he got “injured while coming to the aid of a co-worker seeking personal comfort.” Undoubtedly, a great workers compensation attorney helped Dwyer come up with that argument.

Bear Feeder Fed to Bear

Brock Hopkins, who worked as a bear feeder at Great Bear Adventures (possibly the most masculine job of all time), decided to get super high one day before heading into work. Of course, the effects of marijuana caused shenanigans to take place, and Hopkins ended up getting mauled. Despite the fact that a judge called the decision “mind-bogglingly stupid,” Hopkins was awarded $65,000.

Tripped Over the Gosh Darn Dog

By storing fabric samples in her garage, Mary Sandberg technically turned her home into a “work environment.” As a result, she was awarded compensation when she tripped over her dog and broke her wrist, making it impossible to do her job as a decorator for J.C. Penney. She was able to receive compensation after her employer originally denied it.

For the most part, workplace injuries aren’t as confusing as these ones, even though there are lots of stories about workers trying to receive compensation for injuries that had nothing to do with their job. But no matter where you get hurt, if you believe that you are entitled to some form of compensation, then your first decision should be to hire a talented workers compensation attorney. They can help ensure fair treatment and get you every dollar you deserve, regardless of how silly the situation might be. More like this article.

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