Three Helpful Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Planner

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Did you know that wedding bands have been in use since 2800 BC? Weddings are huge, monumental occasions, and event planners are often needed to handle the entire planning and coordination workload. Believe it or not, however, fewer than 20% of couples actually hire a wedding planner. Event planning for weddings can be significantly beneficial, though, since event planning resources will take several wedding preparation responsibilities off your hands.

1. Selecting and reserving the event site. Choosing and booking the reception location is a vexing task, as there are often countless wedding venues to choose from. Wedding planners, however, know of numerous great places to get married, and they are able to not only suggest the best wedding reception venues for your needs, but they are also able to book the one you want, as well. Since finding the reception location is one of the most important planning tasks, this step must be handled efficiently.

2. Coordinating logistics. How will you get from your home to the ceremony location, and then to the reception venue? What if you want to take pictures at a specific location in between? Event planning resources handle all the transportation requirements for you in order to ensure smooth, flawless transitions between each phase of the wedding. In addition, wedding planners will also coordinate parking, as well, to guarantee that each guest successfully finds parking spaces.

3. Color coordination. Wedding planners will coordinate the colors of every item that needs to be specifically colored, such as the napkins, flowers, and bridesmaid dresses. Since 20% of weddings are formal, specific colors often need to be carefully utilized in these situations. Many wedding planners will even handle the setup and cleanup of these items, as well.

On average, a typical wedding costs approximately 27,000 dollars. In order to get the most for your money, event planning resources are often needed. Not only will wedding planners book your reception site, but they will also handle the coordinating logistics and color coordination requirements, as well. As a result, all the stress of planning your wedding will be completely taken off your hands. Good refereneces.

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