Three Reasons to Take Advantage of Professional Masseuses

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Massage therapy, like hot stone treatment and lymphatic drainage massage Sydney professionals offer, is thought to be one of the most modern types of alternative medicine. Having said that, would you be surprised to learn that humans have been using massage therapy since the times of Ancient Chinese, Japanese, and Greek cultures? Indeed, according to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, references to healing forms of massage therapy have been found in written documents from these ancient cultures dating back millennia.

Why is it that massage therapy, using hotstones and other methods, has continued to be an important part of human health thousands of years later? In short, massage is shown to reduce and improve many common health ailments. Here are just some of the most frequently enjoyed benefits of massage therapy.

  • Improvement of the Immune System
  • Using hot stone heaters to safely warm stones for applications in massage therapy, professionals specializing in hot stone massage Sydney are able to improve the immune function of their clients. According to a recent study, massage increases the disease-fighting ability of white blood cells. Further, the warm stones produced through using a hot stone heater are known to encourage lymphatic system drainage, allowing more healthful nutrients to enter the bloodstream while blocking out harmful toxins. This naturally leads to a healthier, more robust immune response when necessary.

  • Reduction of Stress, Headaches, and More
  • One of the most important benefits of massages enabled through hot stone heaters and other methods is the reduction of common acute or chronic conditions that affect us all. For example, recent studies show that a 30-minute massage decreases pain for people with tension headaches. Further, massage was able to reduce the stress and anger associated with these headaches for many people.

    Amazingly, many symptoms of cancer are shown to be ameliorated through massage. For instance, the fatigue, pain, anxiety, and nausea that often go along with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer are all shown to be helped through massage. Depression, another common side effect, is also thought to be improved through massage treatments.

  • Women’s Issues
  • While many massages using hot stones made possible through hot stone heaters are aimed at the general public, the fact is there are specific benefits that only women can take advantage of through this form of therapy. Consider, women who receive bi-weekly massages for 5 weeks see the stress hormones norepinephrine and cortisol greatly reduced. Simultaneously, their seratonin and dopamine levels rise, adding to the ability to sleep and relax. This makes massage a great option for pregnant women and any others under significant amounts of stress.

Clearly, massage therapy has not lasted through thousands of years of human civilization on blind luck. It continues to be an important form of alternative medicine because people of all genders and races see definite health benefits from massage. If you are sick of taking medication or otherwise suffering through a health condition, consult your doctor. Then, seek out a reputable massage therapist near you.

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