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For 408,000 Miami residents the big news stations with their huge networks and 24 hour news cycles are not good enough. Where is the local news coverage? Where is the interest in the residents of the Magic City? To find that you have to look to the local news channels like channel 7 Miami FL. Here are three of the best reasons to switch off the big guys like CNN and MSNBC and switch over to a local favorite like Miami channel 7.

  • Local Sports
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    Miami is a city steeped in great sports tradition. The Miami Dolphins, the Heat, and the Marlins are all championship winning clubs. The problem? National news outlets only cover your favorite teams when playoff season starts coming around. What if you want to follow your Miami Marlins through the entirety of their season? When you miss a game, you can turn to channel 7 news in Miami to get the best sports coverage around with Steve Shapiro.

  • Local Economy
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    Miami’s economy has been bouncing back as of late. As channel 7 Miami FL reported in February 2013, the city’s jobs markets have picked up tens of thousands of available jobs this year. Just like with sports, the only time you will hear about the local Miami economy is when something really big has happened. Since Miami is not going the way of Detroit anytime soon, a fact all Magic City residents can be proud of, you will not be seeing the city making the 24 hour news cycle. Local news outlets like channel 7 news Miami can keep you up to date on jobs and local business.

  • Local Health Issues
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    Are you aware that Dengue Fever has recently been confirmed in an 18 year old resident of Miami? The disease, carried by mosquitoes, has been a huge problem in places like Haiti and the Dominican Republic for years. If local news stations like channel 7 Miami FL had not reported on the outbreak, would you have ever heard of it? Chances are slim at best.

The fact of the matter is that unless things go really wrong, the national news channels with their 24 hour new cycles are not going to do so much as bat an eyelash toward the great city of Miami. If you want to stay up to date on the economy, health, and sports of the Magic City, you have got to turn to a local station like channel 7 news.

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