What are the Advantages of SEO Reseller Packages?

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According to recent date collected by online marketing experts, roughly 80% of web users select organic results when using search engines. On the other hand, another 80% claim to rarely, if ever, select sponsored links. This is the reason why creating organic content and SEO reseller packages can be so valuable to companies and small businesses that are hoping to gain an edge over the competition.

Unless you’ve spent the last two decades inhabiting some mysterious subterranean realm that is completely cut off from the rest of the world, you are well aware of the impact the Web has made on local, national, and global commerce. To give you a better idea about the extent of that impact, take a moment to digest the following statistics. During the year 2011, total Ecommerce sales surpassed $200 billion for the first time; and the following years the total amount of revenue generated via online retail alone exceeded $200 billion dollars.

The tremendous rate of online commerce has led economic forecasters to predict that total online sales will approach $325 billion dollars by 2016. While you might be tempted to view a $125 billion dollar increase in four years to be unrealistic, the fact that the number of global internet users has nearly quadrupled over the past 10 years might lead you to rethink your position.

Given the incredible rate at which internet commerce is growing, it is essential for every business to prioritize search engine optimization. The most efficient, effective, and affordable way to do that is through one of the top SEO reseller programs.

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