Why Urgent Care Centers Are Preferable to Emergency Rooms in Some Cases

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Have you recently had to go to the emergency room for a particular medical condition, only to find that it could have been taken care of at another medical facility entirely? It turns out that an urgent care facility can be a great alternative to emergency room care in the case of conditions that are not life-threatening or similarly serious. Typical medical issues that are taken care of at urgent care facilities include upper respiratory illness, concussions, food poisoning, lacerations, sprains, fractures, and strains, to name some.

In actuality, more and more people are going to see urgent care providers because it is more difficult for patients to see their regular doctors, and when they do see them, they are sometimes faced with waiting for long periods of time and shorter appointments. Fortunately, nearly 66% of urgent medical care facilities have a staff that includes doctors, nurses, and assistants. Facilities that have always have a doctor on duty comprise 65% of the urgent care centers. Some facilities allow patients to get their prescription medications that they need while still at the urgent care center.

Additionally, it is generally much more cost-effective to go to an urgent care facility as opposed to an emergency room. A visit to that latter can generally cost $1,500, while going to the former to address medical issues typically costs less than $150.

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